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Why branding matters?

Visual appeal.

Branding is the first impression that your company will have on your audience. An appealing and engaging visual design will do the talking on your behalf and naturally
attract prospects.

Shared values.

People look for companies with values that reflect their own. Branding defines your
company’s un-negotiable values, giving your customer something that they can identify

Customer Loyalty.

A well defined brand, that consistently delivers positive experiences, creates strong and
lasting bonds with the customer. Satisfied customers are likely to return or even become

Charge a Premium.

People are prepared to pay higher prices for successfully branded products and services that have built a desirable reputation and offer elevated levels of quality and

Brand equity.

Brand equity is a measure of brand loyalty, brand awareness, brand associations, and perceived quality by your audience. Investing in it will directly increase the value of your

Internal Culture.

A strong and purpose-driven brand nurtures internal brand culture. With shared values and goals to rally behind, your employees are likely to become advocates and spread
your message externally.

Brand Strategy Tips

NOTE: Text below is placeholder & incomplete. Chris to provide brand strategy input.

Brand colors.

Brand name – choosing the right name (descriptive or unique) – considering consumer (brand strategy).

Brand availability. Before committing to a brand name it is important to make sure that the name can be used – and is not already taken by someone else.

International. If you plan on expanding to other countries, or are targeting consumers in other countries, you should also conduct a trademark search there to explore whether your name is already in use in these countries.

Brand identity pricing packages

Discovery Call


Brief Discovery
A 30min call with a branding expert designed to establish a clear picture of the current state of your brand.
We discuss your business case, your vision, goals and the challenges that you currently face.
Get an overview of possible approaches and available tools to address your challenges and guide you towards your desired future.

Custom Package


Need a comprehensive approach and a strategic and creative partner by your side?

Basic Package


Full Discovery
Interview and personality worksheet to gain clarity on your background, goals, and audience. Survey of your existing materials and competitor branding. Presentation of visual examples for feedback to set a design direction. This research phase sets the direction for the design work to come.
Brand Name Search
Our trademark lawyers will conduct a search to confirm whether your brand name may be available for use in South Africa.
Logo Design
The cornerstone of your company’s visual identity. After research and establishing a direction with you, we will sketch and refine ideas until I have the best 3-4 logo concepts to present to you. Each polished concept will be applied to mock products to test how it would work in the “real world.” Your favourite solution will be refined, with secondary logos in vertical or horizontal formats created if needed. Includes final bundle of all the file types you’ll need, in both colour and black and white.
Colour Guide
A 1-2 page logo usage guide with specs for the colours in your logo, used by print vendors and web developers to ensure your brand colours will match across different applications. Pantone, CMYK, RGB, and hexadecimal codes provided.

Standard Package


Full Discovery
See basic package.
Logo Design
See basic package.
Brand Name Search
See basic package.
Colour Specs
Specifications for the colours in your logo, plus a secondary palette that coordinates. Pantone, CMYK, RGB, and hexadecimal codes provided.
Recommendations for brand fonts, with examples of how to use them.
Visual Theme
Shapes and lines, a certain photography style, custom patterns, or other elements that flesh out your brand’s visual theme and make it uniquely yours. Applied to mocked-up layouts to demonstrate how they should be used.
Brand Style Guide
A multi-page document that describes the elements of your brand and ensures consistent communications. It includes usage rules and specs for the logo, colour palette, typography, graphic elements, messaging, and any other elements unique to your brand.

Looking for other brand related services?

Search for trademarks

See if the name or slogan you want to register us available.

Monitor trademarks

Protect your brand by being alerted of potential infringements.

Stop infringers

Take action against others using your brand, company name or creative works without permission.

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Brand Consulting

Our brand expert will help you create your brand identity, strategy and positioning.

Domain names

Obtain or take down domain names in someone else’s control.

Social media takedowns

Remove conflicting brands or your creative works on social media,

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