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We actively review new trademarks filed on the Trade Marks Register and alert you of potential conflicts with your trademark.

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Why monitor similar trademark applications?

Keep your exclusivity.

You are responsible for monitoring and enforcing your rights. The Trade Marks Office may accept applications for marks that are confusingly similar. Once another mark has been registered it is much more difficult to remove.

Enforce your brand.

Your brand must be enforced to protect your rights. If you let someone else register a confusingly similar brand or use it in the market for a long time they may get independent rights in it. By then it may be too late to stop them.

The earlier the better.

If you you catch a confusingly similar trade mark early the owners may be willing to rebrand without a fight. Once they are invested in their trademark they are more likely to fight you in court.

How to start your trademark watch service

Tell us which mark you want to monitor

Tell us about your name or mark and what you do so that we can create a customised watch service to monitor for new filed and advertised trade marks on the Trade Marks Register.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019 We create a custom watch service

More than 30’000 Trade Marks are filed each year. We will monitor new filings and advertisements every month – this gives you up to 12-18 months to negotiate and/or file an opposition.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019 We send you monthly reports

We will send you twelve monthly reports highlighting any potentially confusingly similar Trade Marks that we find. We will advise you on what action can be taken against them.

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We run monthly searches for new confusingly similar marks filed and report our findings 12 times a year
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We look for potential conflicts in multiple related classes
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We provide list of potentially conflicting similar looking, sounding or meaning marks found
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Frequently asked questions

What is a trademark watch service?

A trade mark watch service monitors newly filed and advertised trade mark on the Trade Marks Register that may be at a risk of being confusingly similar looking, sounding or meaning to your own trade mark and confuse consumers into believing that the owners of these marks are you or are related to you.

We monitor not only the goods or services that your own trade mark covers but also any related classes (categories) of goods or services.

Why is a trade mark watch service important?

A trademark exists to distinguish your goods or services from those of others and to protect your valuable reputation, prestige and ability to attract customers. However, in order to effectively do this you need to be on the lookout for new marks filed by others that could potentially infringe on your exclusive rights, counterfeit your goods or services and trick consumers into believing that they are associated with you and in the process lose business that was rightfully yours.

While the Trade Marks Office will often provisionally refuse applications for trade marks that are confusingly similar to marks that already exists on the Trade Marks Register, they do not necessarily block all marks.

The registration process includes an advertisement and three month opposition period in order to give existing trade mark owners the opportunity to oppose and block applications for trade marks that could infringe or their rights and diminish the value and exclusivity of their brand.

However, you can only take advantage of this process if you actively monitor for conflicting newly advertised trade mark applications in the patent journal.

We provide a monthly report of not only advertised applications but all applications that are filed. This means that you will be notified of and have the opportunity to deal with potential conflicts, not only during the customary 3 month opposition period, but for an additional 8-20 months it takes for newly filed trade marks to be accepted and advertised.

How many reports do I get?

We provide watch service reports every month for a total of 12 reports per year.

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