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Get trade mark, copyright, intellectual property, commercial and entertainment law services to entrepreneurs and businesses – in South Africa, the United States and Worldwide.


Legal, brand, intellectual property (IP), business, tech and start-up expertise together – mindful of the needs of modern business and branding.

A new generation of lawyers giving simple business advice.

We are entrepreneurs with a big law firm background: legally excellent and we can translate legal into in business.

We provide flat fees or, where not possible. upfront costs estimates.

We know how to maximise your brand and company value.

90% of a modern company’s value lies in intangibles – IP, brands, goodwill, trade secrets, know-how, software, data, licenses.

Embracing handy tech.

We love to code and build things to make life easier for our customers and ourselves. We automate and enhance to improve our services and costs.

Check out our Instant Trademark Search Tool – the only easily accessible South African trademark search.

Our promise to you.


Top tier lawyers and trade mark experts certified by the South African Institute of Intellectual property (SAAIPL). We provide premier legal services and attention to detail..

Practical advice.

We are entrepreneurs, business owners, brand and start-up advisers. Simple, straightforward advice. We focus on your needs.


We are tech-savvy and love code. Law is changing. We build useful tools to make life, and brands, easier and to save you costs. Check out our one-of-a-kind Instant Trademark Search tool.

Our ethos.

We value trust, honesty, integrity and fairness. We are deeply vested in our clients’ interest and are grateful to attract clients that share our values.

Justice should be affordable. We will never do or suggest anything that we do not believe is in your best interest.

We are mindful of the business case and we work not to just to apply the letter of the law but to creatively maximise your value and business outcomes.

The best strategy usually seeks a win-win for all parties and, if that is not possible, justice. We believe in karma, the law of cause and effect, and make being on the right side of the law a habit.

Let our certified expert attorneys take charge.

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Top tier trade mark practitioners certified by the South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law (SAIIPL).
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Expert quality legal services.

100% acceptance rate with availability search.

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MST Black

Mikhail Jordaan, MD

“BrandLaw have proven themselves to be amazing partners and superb lawyers. So when we need reliable lawyers we go to them.”

Butan Wear

Julian Kubel, CEO

“We’ve had great experiences working with BrandLaw. They assisted our company with registering our trademarks and gave us professional support and guidance through three major infringement matters. I can highly recommend BrandLaw’s services”

The Travel Manuel

Lauren Manuel

“BrandLaw’s advice in my trademark application and copyright infringement case has been instrumental in regaining years of my work and digital assets. With BrandLaw’s assistance I had the power to reclaim my life’s work so far.”




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