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Frequent questions.

What type of intellectual property protection do I need?

This depends on what you want to secure.

To own the rights to a name, slogan or logo you should register a Trade Mark

Copyright is the way to protect an original creative work, such as a book, photo, artwork, recording or music.  

A Patent protects an idea – and a Registered Design protects the functional or visual appearance of a product or design.

What are the benefits of registering your trademark?

When you register your trademark, you get strong nationwide protection, and to sue and get paid from anyone who copies it.

Google, Amazon Marketplace, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms will respond to your requests to remove copycats.

Your company becomes more valuable.

What’s the difference between the ™ symbol and the ® symbol?

The ™ symbol can be used on a trademark by anyone at anytime. It meant that the person intends to use it as a trademark – but it doesn’t actually give any rights. The ® symbol means your mark is registered with the Trade Marks Office of that country, giving you all the legal protections and powers that come with it. Be careful, using the ® symbol or the word ‘Registered’ in relation to an unregistered trademark can be a criminal offence.

What’s the difference between a patent and a registered design?

A patent protects how an invention works or an idea. A registered design protects how a product looks. Some inventions may qualify for design and utility patent protection, if both the design and the function are unique, and the design doesn’t affect the function.


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