12 Reasons to Register Your Trademark

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12 Reasons to Register Your Trademark

A registered trademark is essential for protecting your business and ensuring its success.

Your brand is your most valuable asset, and a registered trademark secures your rights to it, increases your company’s value, and protects against potential infringers.

Registering a trademark also allows you to easily enforce your rights on online platforms and allows it even be reflected on your business’ balance sheet as an asset.

Don’t wait until it’s too late and someone beats you to it – protect your brand with a registered trademark.

Here are 12 reasons why you should register your trademark:

  1. Whoever registers first secures exclusive brand or name rights countrywide.
  2. You get instant exclusive rights without use for 7 years.
  3. Your brand becomes an asset on your balance sheet.
  4. It increases your company value and assures investors.
  5. It is required to enforce your brand rights on online platforms (like Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc).
  6. Your ownership becomes public record, discouraging others from using your brand.
  7. It can easily be sold.
  8. Companies with registrations have more longevity.
  9. You don’t need to prove your rights in court and have the upper hand in court generally.
  10. Your rights are much more powerful.
  11. You can claim a royalty fee from infringers instead of having to prove damages.
  12. You get to use the REGISTERED® symbol.

Don’t let your brand be at risk – register your trademark immediately to protect your business for the future.


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