The Liability of Retail Platforms for Counterfeit Goods in South Africa: Navigating the Legal Landscape

In an era where online marketplaces dominate the retail sector, the issue of counterfeit goods has never been more pressing. Retail platforms, particularly those allowing independent third-party sellers, find themselves at the crossroads of innovation, commerce, and legal compliance. The question of liability for counterfeit goods sold on these platforms is complex and multifaceted. This … Read more

South Africa seeks to Regulate Online Platforms against major players like Apple, Google

In 2022, the Competition Commission of South Africa detailed plans to regulate the digital space. It focused on online platforms in eCommerce, app stores, travel and accommodation, food delivery, and online classified ads, and aimed to address competition issues among platforms and between businesses using them. The targets are “leading platforms,” including well-known names like … Read more

Brand Search: 5 Steps Before using a Brand Name

A good brand is crucial to your success. With 81% of common words already registered as trademarks, finding a unique and available brand name for your business can be a challenge. Much of your potential success hinges on the choices that you make at the early stages of your business. Your brand becomes the store … Read more